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We bring you technology & expertise in the payments space

Available Courses
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An introduction to Mastercard Academy

Our mission is to provide world class training and share knowledge, experiences and emerging trends relating to the payments space with our customers and partners, and enable them to be profitable.

The courses offered have been developed and designed with the learner in mind.

The range of topics is vast. At one end of the spectrum are essential knowledge areas such as payment basics, operations, clearing, authorization, billing, settlement and reconciliation.

At the other end of the spectrum are events covering emerging/ digital technologies, opportunities in building a profitable portfolio and bespoke customized content.

The topics and materials are constantly reviewed to make sure they are relevant in the face of rapidly changing payments landscape.

We have access to a faculty of more than 100 experts across Mastercard's global network, with wide and deep knowledge on the core and emerging payment technologies and trends.

Our high-quality training solutions are delivered through 2 channels, i.e. face-to-face or through an online learning platform, Academy on the Web.


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Course Overview

This section provides the descriptions of popular courses which will be offered in 2019.
To access the full list of courses, and to see how we can meet your organization's training needs, drop us an email.

Building a Solid Foundation for Future Partnerships
This course, held in the new Mastercard Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, provides an informative overview of the products and services that Mastercard offers to its customers.
The course starts with an overview of the payments landscape and the ecosystem involving Mastercard, issuing & acquiring banks, consumers and merchants. It dives into the technicalities of the business, from understanding the hardware of our terminals and core processing systems, to concepts which underpin all our transactions – authorization, clearing, settlement and chargeback.
With direct interaction with more than 10 speakers from all of the major areas of the business, this introductory course provides the most time and cost effective way to bring your staff up to speed on how business is done with Mastercard.

Topic Highlights

  • Four Party Model in the Payments Landscape
  • Core Processing Systems
  • Authorization, Clearing & Settlement
  • Single Message & Dual Message Systems
  • Introduction to Chargeback & Arbitration
  • Enterprise Safety & Security

    Brilliance Behind the Scenes of Commerce
    Using a MasterCard payment card has become as easy and routine as switching on a light. However, behind the simple task lies a series of complex and intricate payment processes designed to keep commerce moving in the blink of an eye, around the clock and around the world.
    This 1.5 - day course will give you a comprehensive explanation of the three key functions, authorization, clearing and settlement, of the critical processing/switching role played by MasterCard network in connecting merchants, financial institutions and cardholders together to facilitate fast, reliable and secure payment. Important topics such as interchange and billing will be expounded as well to ensure you have a complete knowledge of the “four-party” payment systems. Chargeback being a critical area, the course will provide a high-level foundation and basic understanding of the chargeback process, reviewing common chargeback reason codes used.


  • Four-Party Model
  • Transaction Infrastructure
  • Authorization, Clearing & Settlement
  • Interchange and Billing
  • Chargeback, Arbitration & Compliance Overview

    Introduction to Mastercard Authorization Best Practices
    This two-day course covers the key principles of transaction authorization in an EMV chip environment. It benefits both acquirers and issuers who are adopting contact and contactless chip technology to build a robust and scalable authorization process – to handle new chip data and comply with Mastercard’s requirements to improve transaction approval rates, while reducing security exposure during normal authorization and stand-invalidation processing.
    FOR ACQUIRERS:This course covers topics such as chip acceptance, transaction types, terminal types and acquiring processes, including the quality of data provided to issuers for authorization, etc.
    FOR ISSUERS: This course covers topics such as chip issuance, authorization processes and stand-in validation tests, including card validation codes and chip cryptogram validation, etc.


  • Mastercard System Overview
  • Authorization Concepts and Requirements
  • Stand-In Processing
  • Authorization Message Flow
  • Chip Transaction Flow and Requirements

    Leverage the benefits of the Global Clearing Management System
    This 2-day course provides an overview of the Global Clearing Management System (GCMS). It also provides a complete end-to-end explanation of each stage of the clearing and settlement cycle. Also covered is an easily understood overview of Business Service Agreements (BSA), which allow banks to define specific requirements on a bilateral and multilateral basis. Finally, the course summarizes the Settlement Services that are available and reviews the contents of Settlement Advisements.
    Participants will benefit from a complete overview of clearing and settlement processing. Key learning messages are reinforced through quizzes and challenges.


  • Clearing and settlement overview
  • Messages in clearing and settlement
  • File structure
  • BSAs & interchange fees
  • Settlement account management system (SAM)
  • Currency conversion
  • IPM member parameter extract file (MPE)
  • Processing cycles and cut-off times

    This 2-day course will provide an overview of the settlement process and how calculations and set-ups are done. Movement of funds during this process will also be elaborated on, along with an introduction to settlement advisements. Finally, through exercises conducted during the course, participants will learn to read reconciliation messages and reports.

    Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their own particular situations with the instructors, who are highly qualified staff from the IT division, specializing in member implementation and customer support.


  • Understand and reconcile invoices and billing reports
  • Overview of settlement processing, advisements, set-up and calculations
  • Reconcile reports and invoices
  • Financial messages considered in reconciliation
  • Reconciliation messages and categories selection

    Optimizing Your Chargeback Processing
    This 2-day workshop provides the reasoning behind chargeback rules and procedures. It gives guidance and hands-on practice in making accurate decisions on even the most problematic disputes. It covers chargeback reason codes and related issues, as well as identifying some new or upcoming changes to the chargeback rules. The workshop content is updated regularly to include the latest changes to the chargeback rules.Case studies are used to illustrate chargeback situations in a practical context and specific chargeback processing requirements are reviewed in detail.


  • Discuss each Chargeback categories
  • Errors in Processing
  • Changes / Updates to Chargeback Rules
  • Case Studies/ Quizzes


  • This one-day course provides all relevant information to understand MDES, its key concepts, how it works, how it impacts the issuer’s system and the implementation process.
    During the course, we will clarify different MDES key concepts such as tokenization, digitization, identification and verification. It will explain how MDES works, including a deep-dive on different topics such as enablement, card availability, transaction flow and customer service. It will explore the different impacts MDES has on the issuer core systems and processes and finally the implementation process to develop and integrate into MDES.
    At the end of the course you will have all the information required to successfully launch an MDES implementation project.


  • What is MDES?
  • Why MDES?
  • MDES benefits
  • Types of MDES
  • MDES documentation
  • MDES requirements / pre-requisites
  • MDES provisioning
  • MDES transactions
  • MDES enablement


  • Introduction of Contactless Technology for Issuers and Acquirers
    Contactless payments empowered by Mastercard Contactless products bring convenience and faster service to the consumer. Implementation of contactless technology is also a stepping stone to NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile payment deployment. The first part of the workshop is designed to help issuers and acquirers to understand the key element of the technology and provides guidance on Mastercard Contactless program and how to integrate new technology following Mastercard requirement and best practices.
    EMV technology introduces secure authentication method for offline processing. Transactions can be authorized offline using the offline risk management capabilities of M/Chip platform and it brings the opportunity to introduce an offline acceptance infrastructure where one may not have existed. The second part of the workshop explains the key principles of offline authorization in an EMV chip environment. It provides you an in depth understanding of the concept of offline Card Authentication Method (CAM) and offline PIN that are used during offline transaction.


  • Introduction to EMV contactless
  • Introduction to Mag-stripe contactless
  • Impact on terminal, card and host
  • Requirements, mandates and best practices
  • Offline Authorization
  • Principles of Offline Authorization
  • Understanding Offline Card Authentication Method (CAM) with CDA
  • PKI Key Management
  • Offline Risk Management
  • Introduction of Member Request Tool (MRT)
  • Requirements, mandates and best practices

    Introduction to EMV and M/Chip Implementation for Issuers & Acquirers
    This two-day course covers the EMV basic and key principles of transaction authorization in an EMV chip environment. It benefits issuers and acquirers in adopting contact and contactless chip technology to build a robust and scalable authorization process to handle the new chip data, and additional requirements by Mastercard to improve transaction approval rates while reducing security exposure during chip transaction.
    Participants have the opportunity to learn about the Card Personalization Validation (CPV), Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (MTIP) and Key Management process which will be covers in detail with live demonstration of tools. This course will also highlights some of the key requirement and upcoming mandates related to chip implementation.
    Participants can expect a highly dynamic and interactive workshop with our seasoned trainers and will enjoy the learnings on how chip technology works in tandem with the enhanced authorization process to improve the security and acceptance of card-based transactions.


  • Introduction of EMV
  • EMV transaction flow
  • M/Chip program & roadmap
  • M/Chip requirement for issuers
  • Mastercard chip implementation process – CPV
  • CPV process - SSF & Profile Generator demonstration
  • Key management principle and process – MRT, CSTT
  • M/Chip requirement for acquirers
  • Mastercard chip implementation process – MTIP
  • MTIP process – TSE demonstration
  • Key management for acquirers
  • Important upcoming requirements and mandates

    Introduction of M/Chip Advance Features
    To keep up with the ever-changing business needs, we need to seek innovation to combat evolving security threats. Mastercard’s chip payments platform has evolved from the proven M/Chip platforms (M/Chip 2 and M/Chip4) to the current flagship product, M/Chip Advance, which meets the market needs of today and tomorrow. This powerful payment platform takes traditional debit, credit, and prepaid chip cards to the next level by enhancing core payments functionality, facilitating deployment of contactless applications and integrating data for business applications such as transit and loyalty.
    This one-day workshop will take you through various advanced functionalities offered by the M/Chip Advance platform and its comparison with previous versions. It will also provide you with guidance on how to use it in backward compatible mode during the transition phase. You will also have the opportunity to learn the new profile tool (M/Chip Advance Profile Generator) designed to help you to create a M/Chip Advance profile according to your business requirements.


  • New product features
  • Upgrading to M/Chip Advance
  • Backward compatibility with M/Chip 2 or 4 host
  • M/Chip Advance Profile Generator tool
  • Data Storage features for non-payment programs e.g. transit, loyalty, etc.

    Optimizing Revenue with Credit Cards
    The Profitable Card Management course is designed to look at the building blocks of revenue and cost in credit cards, integrating it into the customer lifecycle model (recruitment, activation, managing the portfolio throughout the life of the customer). A section on strategy looks at how banks can differentiate their products in a crowded market.
    Throughout the course, a Credit Card Simulator will be run to reinforce learning. This game focuses particularly on credit cards, but really drives through the importance of segmentation and intelligently targeting different customer segments. It emphasizes understanding of customers’ needs and addressing them in a competitive environment – in a way that still makes money.


  • Payment Card Environment
  • Revenue Flows and Key Cost Drivers
  • Acquiring New Profitable Cardholders
  • Building Cardholder Usage and Managing Behavior
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Credit Management
  • Credit Card Simulation Game

    This workshop aims to provide attendees with an overview of the latest strategic marketing tools necessary to manage a portfolio of payment products in a dynamic payment marketplace.Business success is predicated on both a good strategic marketing plan and the ability to meet consumers evolving needs. Therefore the second part of the workshop will be devoted to best practice sharing on consumer insights and the research methods to gather these valuable insights.
    Together, these tools will better equip participants to manage their card & payment portfolio to satisfy both consumer needs and achieve their organization's marketing objectives.


  • Opportunity Analysis, Differentiation & Positioning
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Formulating Cards & Payment Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Insights
  • Projective Techniques & Semiotic Analysis
  • Asian Consumer Insights Relevant to Payments


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    Academy On the Web

    Mastercard Academy On the Web (AOW) is a remote training resource that extends Mastercard’s global expertise, extensive resources and market knowledge beyond the doors of the training room. It complements face-to-face learning with remote training solutions that are cost-effective, easily scalable and accessible where and when you need them.

    With AOW, users can access highly-customized programs in real time with our in-house trainers through an hour-long Live Events session conducted weekly, comprising a 45-minute training followed by a 15-minute Q&A. Users can also review other trainings in the Resource Centre at their convenience. Our trainings are hosted on Adobe Connect.

    Selected trainings are available in 3 languages: English, Mandarin and Japanese.

    Click the buttons below for:

    For enrolled users only:

    To enroll into AOW for your organisation, please send an email to




    General Information

    Mastercard Academy delivers face-to-face courses conducted by our in-house subject matter experts or industry experts. We deliver high-quality training programs on everything you need to know about the payments industry. The highly comprehensive training programs cover the entire payments process and in-depth industry insights.
    There are two channels for delivering courses. Open courses are organised in Mastercard and held around different venues in Asia Pacific across the year. Any one of our member organisations can enroll into them. On-site courses are courses specially requested by organisations and held within their offices for internal staff. Please check the calendar for upcoming open courses near you or contact to request an on-site course.

    Academy On the Web (AOW) is an online training platform that provides similar training courses — but delivered virtually. Registered users can either attend the live event from the comfort of their own office/home, and participate in the Q&A, or access the database of past training events at their convenience.
    This method is highly accessible, scalable and cost-effective for organisations.

    Your organisation may select any option that best suits your training needs, or a combination of both. The content, focus and case studies of Mastercard Academy and AOW are tailored to be relevant to the needs of Asia Pacific region.

    Mastercard Academy
    Our standard fees are as follows:

  • 1-day course: USD 750 (Early Bird: USD 550)
  • 2-day course: USD 1150 (Early Bird: USD 850)
  • 3-day course: USD 1450 (Early Bird: USD 1150)
    To enjoy the early bird discount, please register at least 4 weeks prior to the course date
    Course fees may vary according to the nature of the course. If uncertain, please check with your account manager or drop us an email.

    Academy On the Web
    A monthly subscription fee of USD 500 applies for each organisation.
    Each organisation can register up to 25 users per license. This subscription guarantees all users full access to all past and upcoming training videos.
    If your organisation has more than 25 users, additional rates apply.

    Cancellation Policy
    For Mastercard Academy on-site courses, a cancellation fee will be levied.
    For AOW courses, organisations may only terminate their monthly subscriptions on January and July of each year.

    Disclaimer: For most updated information on fees, please visit the Technical Resource Centre on Mastercard Connect.



    Ren Sugiyama is a Manager who runs Academy On the Web (AOW) for Asia Pacific. She spent over 6 years working in the Tokyo office with Mastercard before moving to the regional headquarters in Singapore. Previously supporting customers' day-to-day operations and managing multiple projects in Customer Delivery, Ren now plans the curriculum for AOW and delivers trainings in English and Japanese.

    Yasmine Low is a Director in the Customer Delivery team and runs Mastercard Academy. With more than 28 years of experience in the payments industry, she is skilled in project management, customer support and coaching. Yasmine holds unparalleled insights into payment technologies and platforms, product mixes and processes, and has established strong cross-functional working relationships across the Asia Pacific region.

    Elaine Phang is a Senior Business Assistant who facilitates the day-to-day operations of Mastercard Academy, over all the regions in Asia Pacific and sometimes the Middle East. She oversees the process of managing venues, travel, participant feedback and everything in between. Elaine's facilitation is absolutely essential to get courses up and running smoothly.

    Celeste Chia is a Management Associate with the Customer Delivery team in Asia Pacific. An archetypal millennial who tinkered with HTML and Photoshop as a kid, she relaunched the new Mastercard Academy website. New to the payments industry, Celeste spends her time conjuring and delivering branding and customer relationship management strategies.

    The headquarters of Mastercard Academy in Asia Pacific is located in Singapore.

    For queries on Mastercard Academy:
    For queries on Academy On the Web:
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